5 of the Best Museums You Can’t Skip on Your Irish Tour


Ireland is a great heritage of opulent history and literature. With renowned attractions, world-class restaurants, and notable writers, it is no doubt that the country has such an outstanding reputation for its historical and cultural ventures, including the most visited museums in the world. Most of Ireland’s museums and galleries focus on several aspects of the country’s history ‒ from the prehistoric origin, struggle to sovereignty and freedom of state in 1922, and to everything else beyond. All these museums are just enough to satisfy the enthusiasts’ thirst for a great vision of literature. Narrowed down are some of the best Irish museums you’ll ever find:  

National Museum of Ireland

National Museum of Ireland

The National Museum of Ireland is divided into four different premises with each specific focus ‒ archaeology, natural history, decorative arts, and country life. The branch of archaeology is located in Kildare, a well-known street in Dublin City. It displays a rich collection of artefacts, notable items from Celtic art, and the incredibly well-preserved bog bodies from Irish peat bogs. Next is the natural history section, a cabinet-style museum found on Merrion Street. The premise is also known as “The Dead Zoo” for it mostly focuses on zoology and geology, exhibiting the skeletons of long-extinct giant deer that once existed in the country. Following the branch of decorative arts and history, it is located at Benburb Street of the same city.  It permanently exhibits the famous Irish furniture designer, Eileen Grey, and other collections including the iconic Irish and international designs. The fourth and final premise focuses on country life, which exhibits the rural Irish way of living during the years between 1850 and 1950. This branch is found in County Mayo. 

Hunt Museum

Lies in the heart of Limerick City, the Hunt Museum boasts for its collection of artefacts that are willed in memory of the historian and antiquarian John Hunt together with his wife, Gertrude. Most of Hunt Museum’s collections of antiquities and artworks are dated back as early as the country’s Mesolithic era. 

the hunt

Medieval Museum

The Medieval Museum is situated in Ireland’s oldest city, Waterford. It is claimed as the only medieval museum in the country, which is also home to some of the most iconic artefacts including The Great Charter Roll of Waterford (a legal document created by the Anglo-Norman people of Waterford in 1373) and the only remaining complete set of the medieval cloth-of-gold vestments of European people.

Medieval Museum

Irish Museum of Modern Art

The Irish Museum of Modern Art or IMMA is housed in the Royal Hospital of Kilmainham, Dublin City. This is the best museum to visit if your interest and focus are more related to contemporary exhibitions of modern art. The museum is a heritage to some works of Ireland’s finest pioneers when it comes to modern art and literature. It also exhibits an electric range of artistic media including photography, portraits, and other interactive displays.

Irish Museum


Last but not the least is the blast from the past that highlights Ireland’s living history of long ago and how the country came to be home to such strong Irish people.



Well, I’m talking about Dublinia, an interactive and recreational museum that relatively focuses on Viking and Medieval Irish history, covering war, disease, crime, and other pre-historical issues experienced in the country.  

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