Holi is an ancient Hindu festival that is very popular in Indian subcontinents and different parts of Asia due to the extensive use of colours and popularly known as the festival of colours.  This religious celebration starts before the night of Holi with a bonfire where people gather and celebrate with religious rituals praying to banish evil from surrounding and asking for peace and safety.  Due to the colourful nature of this religious act people tend to celebrate it with much merrymaking and joy distributing sweets and sharing colours with one another.  Today we hereby look at five of the best destinations to celebrate Holi in India in the grandest possible way.

  •     Mathura & Vrindavan

Considered as one of the most sacred destinations in India Mathura and Vrindavan can be an ultimate destination for you to celebrate Holi and enjoy colours.  Mathura is the birthplace of Lord Krishna and Vrindavan surrounded with all childhood activities and memories of the lord playing colors in a very traditional way are observed among the locals.  For the whole long day, processions take place along with offering prayers to the god.  The Banke-Bihari Temple which is considered the most sacred of all temples in Vrindavan opens its gate for all and people enjoy throwing colours at each other with perfect merriment. You can get a great discount on ticket booking online using Yatra Coupons.

  •    Shantiniketan

If you are thinking of celebrating Holi in Bengal then Shantiniketan is the best place for you to be in with your family and friends.  The Basanta Utsav or Spring Festival as they call is celebrated by Vishva Bharati University in their own style with cultural activities performed by the students.  This heritage place gets more colourful with the presence of thousands of outsiders who simply come here to enjoy Holi and whiteness one of the finest cultural heritage from Bengal.  Under the guidance of Kaviguru Rabindranath Tagore, this process of celebration with colour along with culture forms began and it bloomed as days past by.

  •     Jaipur and Udaipur

When we speak about the festival of colour Jaipur and Udaipur will certainly be there on our priority list.  Holi is considered to be one of the most sacred and major celebrations here in this part of Rajasthan.  The locals along with the Royal families of the Maharajas celebrate Holi in their own style individually.  The streets get flooded with colours and gulals whereas the Royals enjoy parades and enjoy the game of elephants like elephant polo and elephant race where the elephants are decored with colourful cloths as well.  Holika Dahan is observed in Udaipur with grand proceedings before the day of Holi.

  •    Mumbai

Mumbai (Maharashtra) celebrates Holi in own style that is totally different from the rest of the country. Considered as one of the major festival here tourists from different parts of the world come here to enjoy Holi in the best possible way.  Parties are arranged here and men climb one another in the streets of Mumbai for the game of breaking of pots where the pots are hanged high with buttermilk inside it.  This revives the acts of Lord Krishna and is thus considered to be very much sacred.  The streets get flooded with colours and fun time begins with sharing gifts, sweets to family and close friends.  So next time you choose to spend your Holi in a different way then considered Mumbai as the most popular destination place to enjoy Holi with your loved ones.

  •    Barsana

In Uttar, Pradesh Holi is celebrated in a very different fashion from the rest of India. Here the celebration is famous and commonly called “Lath mar Holi”.  In a place called Barsana in UP, there is a template that is dedicated to Sri Radha Rani and known as Ladliji template people gather in masses to enjoy Holi splashing colours at each other bringing a uniqueness to the celebration.  According to the rituals, the woman chase men hitting them with sticks and men try to protect themselves with shields.  The masses then offer prayers and sing hymns to worship the god and goddess and ask for blessings and a more colourful life ahead. You can get the latest free job alert updates from fresh hiring.

There are different other popular places in India where you can in a unique way celebrate Holi and enjoy the festival of color as well.  These destinations can truly add colours to your life when celebrated in a lighthearted spirit. So next time you plan to enjoy Holi with your loved ones choose from above.

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