7 Gas-saving Tips that will Make the Most of Your Next Road Trip


Road trips are among the most enjoyable activities during the holiday season. If you are one of the many travellers who find it relaxing to see the captivating views from the outside, the lines and curves of endless roads, and the smell of fresh air, then you must also know how these treks can be very liberating for your bank, especially when it comes to taking the money from your wallet to pay for gasoline. Of course, pumping for gas is a necessity if you want to get to your destination. 

Gas prices may seem to climb from time to time but it shouldn’t stop you from touching down new places. So, how do you travel such a long, rough highway with less gas pump? Follow the tips that we’ve rounded up to save your next vacation. 

Change your driving technique.

The gas-saving journey begins with how you drive your vehicle. In order to achieve an economic travel experience, there are a few driving strategies that you have to follow. First, drive slowly. You can either take the speed limit or even 5 less below it because driving at a slower speed can boost the vehicle’s mileage by 5%. Next, turn on the cruise control to maintain a steady pace on the road. This way maximizes the vehicle’s fuel efficiency. Also, you have to avoid abrupt stop and start of engine. It would require some extra fuel if you try to accelerate from a stand still. What you should be doing instead is to be aware of the red lights so you can slower the coast and avoid an unnecessary full stop. 

Do not purchase premium gasoline. 

You should not spend too much money on a gasoline pump unless your vehicle requires a high octane rating. Because, honestly, a premium gasoline with higher value doesn’t really make any difference in how your vehicle runs. You also need to watch out when filling your tank to avoid overfilling.  

Clear the roof and pack light.

Most travellers are fond of packing several stuff, those that are heavy ones like large tents, picnic utensils, bicycles, and more. But if you really want to save on fuel use, make sure to keep the roof clear and pack as light as you can. Taking too much load increases the aerodynamic drag of the vehicle, which leads the engine to work harder and that hurts the fuel economy. Instead, keep things light and you’ll drive with prudence.  

Grab hotel gas offers. 

Some hotels are giving away fuel discounts and Chevron gas cards. So, your role as a customer and driver is to take advantage of these offers and save as much as you can from pumping gasoline. You can check out these promos online before you plan out for a long drive.  

Use a GPS device. 

A GPS device is among the many useful car accessories that you must invest in to save from fuel pump. Getting lost can be a waste of gas. So, make sure to rely on a GPS device that can calculate the shortest route and determine if this route includes an unpleasant, muddy road.  

Do not open the windows.

In past generations, some experts used to recommend the opening of windows to lessen the use of air conditioner. But in modern days, air conditioners are much more efficient that they can cause less drag on the engine as compared to driving with the windows down.

Visit the station on a midweek.

This strategy may vary from state to state so you must be familiarised with price hike schedules in your area. In most states, gas pumps can be a little more expensive on weekends so try visiting petrols on weekdays or midweek. Plus, price hikes around holidays and long weekends so don’t wait for December 24 to fill the tank for your Christmas getaway.     

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