All You Need to Know About the Current Generation Mercedes C-Class

Mercedes C-Class

Mercedes-Benz C-Class is a line of compact executive cars that was initially rolled off in 1993, and its second-generation model was launched in 2000. The current generation of Mercedes C-Class was launched in the year of 2014 at the grand Detroit Auto Show. This modern Mercedes Benz C-Class model is styled in a much more elegant and sophisticated fashion than its predecessors. This car boasts of providing superior safety and comfort to the drivers. People can check out the price of Mercedes C Class in India from any of their authorized dealers operating in the country.

Smooth driving experience

The current generation of Mercedes C-Class has nine forward gears, which has subsequently improved its automatic transmission capacity. This feature has increased the comfort and consistency of the driving experience of this car to a great extent. The air suspension feature present in Mercedes Benz C Class is additionally a first among its competitors in the automotive industry.

Mercedes Benz C Class is considered to be the pioneer in in the luxury vehicle segment with its speed automatic transmission and hydrodynamic torque converter technologies. There is a reduction of engine speed in this car without compromising on its performance. The new Mercedes C-class model is also famed for having superior agility and responsiveness owing to its smaller gear ratio increments. The optional air suspension feature of this car goes a long way in cushioning the road bumps even when driving at a high speed, making it ideal for driving on Indian roads.

Refined interiors

The interiors of the current generation Mercedes Benz C Class cars are incredibly impressive, and have a classy and elegant aura to them. There are a number of adjustment options available for the driver’s seat of this car, and hence even the most long-legged drivers would not face any type of inconvenience while sitting behind the wheel of this vehicle. There is also a feature of electric adjustment for seat height and backrest present in this car.

To get accurate details about the price of Mercedes C class in India and to purchase this car, people can contact any authorized dealer of Mercedes in the country. Interested buyers can even request a free test drive of this car from them.

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