Amenities Available at the Best Hotels in India

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There are many hotels in many places in India. While some of them were built many years ago and have evolved greatly, others have come up in recent years and are equipped with the latest features one observes in hotels. Old or new, a hotel is only likeable to the guests when it provides amenities and services which provide the guests with a nice and pleasant stay. Some of India’s hotels have all these amenities and rank among the top in the country, and in the world. Whether it is a luxury hotel in Delhi or one of the best spa resorts in Rishikesh, these hotels have such amenities and services that make guests come back to these facilities again and again.

Let’s take a look at some of these amenities and services.

Swimming pool:

A good hotel is incomplete without a swimming pool. Some of the best hotels have swimming pools on the rooftop. This gives guests the chance to relax inside or outside the swimming pool, with or without a drink in hand, enjoying the surrounding view. Some hotels place the swimming pool in a natural setting amidst a lot of greenery. This allows guests to have a serene experience and de-stress in a natural environment.

Hospitable staff:

Although the staff members of every hotel must be hospitable and courteous, yet the ones at the best hotels stand a class apart. They are dedicated and sincerely perform their duties to take care of every guest efficiently. At some hotels, there are even private butlers to look after individual guests around the clock. Any issue or demand from the guests’ side is resolved or met immediately and effectively.


Guests are provided with extra relaxation with a well-equipped spa, with yoga and salon services at some of these hotels. These features ensure that the guests can relax, de-stress, rejuvenate, and are pampered to the fullest.

Thus, whether you are looking for a five star hotel in Kolkata or the best spa resort in Rishikesh, make sure you choose a hotel with features including the above for a nice, rejuvenating and relaxing stay.

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