Check out these places on your next trip to Pushkar

Pushkar camel fair

Pushkar is a town situated in Rajasthan and needs no introduction when it comes to the culture, history, and glory that it showcases. Being one of them most ancient cities in India, it is famous for the religious significance it holds. There are plenty of things that you can do and places to visit in Pushkar, such as:

Pushkar camel fair

  • Organised at the banks of Pushkar Lake
  • Brings farm
  • ers, livestock, villagers to a common platform
  • Great time to buy Rajasthani handicrafts
  • Camel processio
    ns, animal races, and performances are organised at the fair
  • Takes place in the months of November or October

Temples of Pushkar

Brahma temple

  • Pushkar is a city of temples
  • The Brahma temple is the most famous one
  • Some of the other temples to visit here are:
  • Savitri Temple
  • Raghunath Temple
  • Paap Mochini Temple


  • This is the birthplace of Meera Bai
  • Famous for the Meera Temple
  • Attracts numerous devotees from across the country

Pushkar Lake and ghats

  • Located near the temple of God Brahma
  • As per mythology, Brahma and Savitri offered their prayers here
  • Famous for offering prayers at the ghats

These places are enough to tug into your spiritual side when you set out to discover Pushkar bit by bit.

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