Children’s illustrators enhance attraction to a storybook


A common feature of children’s and youth books is that illustrators use images to tell stories. The importance of these illustrations lies in the fact that children’s illustrators play a fundamental role in the intellectual development of children: aesthetically they delight and initiate the education of the taste for beauty. In addition, illustration serves to fix concepts in memory, enrich the personality, exercise imagination, creativity, critical reason, and foster the love of reading. In order to bring life to your story, it is highly recommended to look for Children’s illustrators for hire.

Illustration develops children’s mind grooming

The use of illustrations in children’s books is relatively recent. It wasn’t considered as a creative concept earlier. Things have changed a lot since then. Currently, children’s books do not contain simple illustrations that accompany a text. Most of the time, it is the illustrations themselves that narrate, which carry all the meaning with an almost total absence of the word. There is no doubt that the visual is much richer and more attractive than written for children. Thus, the illustration in children’s books becomes an art form that is able to establish many levels of communication and leave a very deep mark on the child’s consciousness. For this reason, the responsibility of the creators is very great, since his work is the child’s first tool to make sense of his world.

But the interpretation and understanding of images require learning, just as you learn to read and write. The expression “visual literacy” has been spreading over recent years and refers to the relationship of children with visual texts. It refers to the ability to see, draw and formulate an aesthetic judgment. The child goes through the following three phases:


The child recognizes and distinguishes a two-dimensional figure to which a name corresponds. Thus he sets his memory on the composition of the world through images and develops his intelligence.


The child is involved through his personal experiences with the image presented to him.


The child sees an image and can immediately integrate and express it, imagining a new situation.

In recent years there has been a kind of revolution in the art of children’s illustration. The influx of a generation of deeply imaginative graphic artists has been witnessed, using the richest variety of traditional and digital techniques. More and more artists are attracted to a fascinating world both for the potential of creative design and for the status of its creators, who now begin to receive more attention and respect. In order to bring more attraction and passion to your storybook, an author must consider children’s illustrators for hire.

As for children, it is important that they have access to quality art. They have their own collection of books, carefully study their favorite images and recognize the work of certain illustrators as well as that of their favorite writers.

Many of these artists are not limited only to this world, most develop their work in other fields such as design and advertising. It is increasingly common for illustrators of children’s stories to exhibit their works in galleries, creating new exits for their works. Gradually, it seems that they begin to have the recognition they deserve. It may interest you to know that it was quite hard to hire an illustrator for a book for the past few years. But now, it is so common. You can just look for children’s illustrators for hire and pick up the most suitable one for your project easily.

Objectives of children’s book illustration

Although in the past, it was not considered a highly respected branch within the world of enlightenment. But in recent years, this discipline is gaining the recognition that it deserves.

The illustrated books play a very important role in the children’s development process. Among their functions and objectives, we can find the following:

  • They explain in a simple way, concepts that would otherwise be difficult to understand
  • They help the child understand the world and the surrounding society
  • They teach how to deal with emotions and common problems that may arise at an early age
  • Present values ​​and moral lessons that influence the child’s behavior
  • They develop the imagination and promote the taste for reading

As Uncle Ben told Peter Parker, great power entails great responsibility. The children’s illustrator has in his hands the tools to influence generations, so it is not surprising that this discipline is increasingly successful and recognized and the level of children’s illustrators is growing.

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