Connection with the world beyond: the positive and negative side of ghostwriting


Ghostwriting is a profession that dates back years. You might have heard the scandal concerning Barbara Feinman Todd and the book named “It Takes a Village” which was published on Clinton’s behalf. It was not until 2001 that the Americans discovered the true writer who authored the book.

Some people even pose that Clinton merely used Feinman for her benefit. However, others were fully aware of what was going on. Well, she was being paid for her work.

The example of Feinman is the perfect example for a ghostwriter—a professional writer hired to produce articles, books (fiction, non-fiction or autobiographies), speeches, or more which are credited to another person portraying to be the author of the written piece.

This also reveals the ambiguous ethical side of the profession as well as for approaching ghostwriters for hire for the project.

In the world of businesses and industries, hiring ghostwriters has become indispensable. So without further ado, let’s discuss some of the reasons why business executive hires ghostwriters.

Why businesses hire ghostwriters

  • Ghostwriters don’t take credit for the content

Perhaps one of the significant benefits of hiring ghostwriters. This allows brands to present the text as their own which in return promotes the brand and company. Ghostwriter and entrepreneurs come to an agreement where the company claims the authorship of the content while paying the writer for the content.

  • ghostwriters can produce high-quality text

The beneficial aspect of hiring a ghostwriter is to be able to provide high-quality content for businesses. Writers gather information through interviews, and higher research of the business to gain insight into the business and industry to communicate the essence of the business to the potential prospects.

  • Ghostwriters are employed and chosen to complete a task

Ghostwriters can help business executives to save time and effort in creating engaging content to attract potential prospects. They are an apprentice who is assigned with tasks to fulfill. There is a detailed process in creating content before the article is posted such as the employer can ask for edits in the copy or ask to rephrase certain words to maintain the voice of previous content present online.

The positive side of hiring ghostwriters

  • is an opportunity for the ghostwriters to earn money while doing what they do best

A person not having the skills or despise writing would never go for a profession involving writing. Writing can be a painful task, and only a passionate person can take responsibility for producing great written pieces.

Becoming a skillful writer takes a lot of effort and hard work to develop a personal style and voice for writing. This is why it is only the job for the people who are passionate to write and enjoy the opportunity to be able to earn a living their passion.

  • it is an opportunity for writers to attract better clients

Take an example of a writer producing a guest post for a renowned platform such as Forbes. It is unlikely for Forbes to publish the same task on behalf of a writer with no established name. However, when it comes under the name of a well-known entrepreneur it will make it worth mentioning it in the portfolio.

By getting posts for top names doesn’t only give you a chance to create an excellent writer portfolio, but it also helps in attracting better clients with new and better projects. You must understand the importance of establishing a name in the industry making the way to the top of the list of best ghostwriter in the market.

  • It helps in improving the skills and establishing a style

Working on different projects belonging to various industries having different topics helps the writers to enhance their skillset and provide them an opportunity to get better at what they do best.

Speaking mathematics, the skills of the writer are directly proportional to the experience gained per project resulting in better projects.

The negative side of hiring a ghostwriter

  • Taking credit of the work that is not yours

Readers may be aware of the common practice of ghostwriting but still have to believe that the article belongs to the company posting the article. No matter how ethical it may seem, but hiring a ghostwriter to produce content is still considered as cheating as you are lying about the post you never wrote.

  • You take away the writers glory

Readers may be enthusiastic about reading what you have to say, but the writer producing the words is still lurking in the shadows. Sometimes a fantastic piece of content takes the glory of the writer which they could otherwise use to come into the limelight.

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