Top YouTube Tricks and Features You Must Learn About


YouTube with its billion active listeners is one of the biggest video streaming platforms. Its smart interface and seamless functionality along with ultra-efficient bots working at the back end provide plenty of options to talent enthusiasts to gain online recognition. YouTube has been a platform to hunt for amazing talents and to find incredible opportunities of getting recognized.

The platform provides millions of videos related to almost every topic that existed. You get to view high definition videos and funny compilations. YouTube users can subscribe to channels and even create one for almost free. If you reach a certain number of followers with views, you can earn the official rewards and begin a source of revenue generation. So, YouTube has now turned into a platform to establish a small scale online business. If you think you know everything about YouTube then you might be surprised to find about secret YouTube features. So, read on and start your discovery.

Turn It Into A GIF

You know how entertaining it is to create a GIF video so would you like to try it making while using YouTube. To create a GIF, all you have to do is to add the word “gif” in the URL and view the site to get the GIFs you want. In the site, it will provide you with options to search your desired song or video and trim it to make the GIF.

Customize Videos

By customizing, it does not mean that you can edit the official soundtrack but you can trim them to the particular scene you want your special one to watch. You can create a link the will show the video trimmed to that particular duration only. Now you do not have to note the seconds and ask your friends to fast-forward the video every time they want to view a particular scene. You can directly send them the link.

Written Transcripts

The best part is to get the properly written transcript opened in front of you of the video you are watching and that’s what YouTube provides its users. You can find the option just below the video in the right end corner. You can view the complete transcript all along while watching the video. It helps a lot when you are watching a documentary you get to note the important terms and names of personalities being covered in the video.

Rank Your Videos

YouTube provides a secret to get your video ranked quickly. If you add your transcript with proper terminologies it helps, you make your video ranked quickly and effectively. Moreover, you can even work on improvising your taglines, video title, and tags to improve the reach and visibility of your video.

Collaborate Your Videos Playlist

The best part about YouTube it’s not that it facilitates its users to create a playlist but you can collaborate it with your mates as well. You can share your playlist with them while watching their playlist as well. As your YouTube history begins to get updated it will help you create a new playlist under the tab “recently watched videos”. This is the easiest way to create a playlist with diversity and more fun.

Watch Later Videos

You need to about all of the amazing features that add to the efficiency of the platform. It will help you create an app like YouTube. So this one is the most favorite one that is liked by many active users. If you get an interesting video but you cannot watch it at that time, what you can do is that you mark it to be watched later. The video gets saved in a separate section where a playlist gets created for all of those videos that you have saved for a similar cause. Now from time and again you get notified about the videos.

Wrap Up

YouTube started off with a simple aim to make streaming easy and look where it has reached now. Billions of users prefer the platform to share their hidden skills, which in return help others in gaining information. It has turned into a great platform that facilitates a smooth flow of information.

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