Did You Know About These Web Designing Friendly Productivity Color Tool?

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No matter what are you creating, a logo, a website, or an online promotion on social media to define brand identity, you can’t just overlook the importance of using the right set of colors to finish the specific project. For designers, colors have always been a significant concern.

Colors have the power to let people feel the exact emotions you want them to feel, such as awe, anger, fun, or happiness. Graphics Designing services in Jaipur also need to undertake the fact that using various types of colors is as important as considering the color of blind people. They might not be able to see a specific color.

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That’s why several companies have come up with some beneficial color tools for web designers we should know about. These tools are designed to help us choose the right color in the right place. We pulled out extensive research on a number of a designer to suggest us the best ones:

1. ColorPick Eyedropper

This comes as a chrome extension. This tool tells you about the exact color that is being used at a place on your screen when you hover your mouse pointer over it. As you do so, the hex code of the exact color appears on your mouse pointer. A beneficial tool it is.

2. WebFlow

Another extension of Chrome, web flow is a cool extension to have in your inventory. It also helps web designers to identify a color if it has been used in one of the places he can see. Whether Graphic Designing Company in Jaipur is creating a hero image, a photo, a logo, or a web page, with WebFlow, you can grab the right color for the design.

3. Color Snapper 2

If you have been in the world of web design for quite some years now, you might have come across color snapper 2. It is one of the most popular color snapping tools out there as its name suggests. It comes as a Mac App and lets you grab any color you want by magnifying it. It can be used offline or online.

4. Happy Hues

If you want a number of color palettes to boost your creativity, Happy Hues should be your go. It has been created by WebFlow. It shows you how to use different types of colors to create certain types of professional logos or web design. It comes with a number of combinations for you to choose.

5. Color

Yes, the name of this tool itself is color. It can be used to generate a swatch. This generator is really cool. When you are doing nothing and want to pass your time by generating a number of swatches, the Color tool should be your priority.

6. Coolors

A bit different but a weird name isn’t it? Well, the Coolors tool does the same job one of our tools used to do – Generating Palettes. It is very popular in the world of web designing. When you create a palette, you can export, store and reuse it anytime, and in any software such as Adobe Illustrator.

7. LOL Colors

LOL Colors is a very basic tool constituting very complex features but in a very simple design. It is highly easy to comprehend and no matter where are you going with your laptop, you won’t find any difficulties to use this tool for your palette generating needs. Those palettes are very pretty.

So all these tools and websites are our personal favorite. It hands over enough power in a web designer’s hands to create awesome graphics and we recommend this to every web designer out there.

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