How Should You Dress Up – A Cool Guide for Both Husband and Wife

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It sometimes becomes so hard for husband and wife to look like a couple just because, their bad dressing sense. I don’t understand that if the husband is wearing a black traditional blue tuxedo, then why the wife has to wear a modern pink dress? Yes, we have been taught from our childhood that blue is the color of men and pink is the color of girls. But, that doesn’t look goo during certain events. 

Your style should be in sync when you walk in from the main entrance door of an event hall. People should not have to be recalled that you both are husband and wife. Your outfits, choice of jewelry and accessories, and the way you walk in should say it all. And this kind of attention can only be garnered if you are really great at planning. For example, if you are buying sterling silver rings for womens online in India for your wife, then why not order a few silver cufflinks for your favorite suit too? I mean it is that easy. 

When I stepped in the event industry and the fashion one right after that, I too wasn’t aware of a great many things. Slowly, when I started to go to certain wedding events or parties, I felt that the dressing sense of well-known people was way and way better than that of mine. If they wore a black suit, their ties would be black but with an added darker shade to stand out. Their cufflinks would also be black but in a combination with another color that came as a part of the stone studded in the cufflink. 

And their wives would follow them exactly when it comes to styling. For example, they would enter the scene with their sparkling black sarees with fine, light-weight earrings dangling from their ears. Their bangles will be black and some bangles will hold the exact same color as their husband’s cufflink stone colors. Their necklaces will have black and golden stone studded in harmony. But overall, everything will look so minimal that it will be enough to leave everyone awestruck. 

Now lets come to the things that adorn one’s feet. Yep, you are absolutely correct, they are shoes and sandals I am talking about. It doesn’t mean if your sandals have high heels or not, but they should have the color of your outfit but with an extra touch of glitter. The amount of shine you want them to completely depend on yourself. Similarly, the husbands should avoid wearing traditional juties and boots with a formal suit, shiny shoes are a better choice here. 

Your earrings and necklace should be the parts of one core design. You should avoid mingling two items from two different sets. No matter how hard you try, they would not look good. Syncing the colors and style is key here. For the formal parties, the husband may wear a black stone embellished bracelet but he should not touch a stud for such an event. It will make you look cheap and nothing else.

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