Important Functions Performed by the Liver

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The liver is an extremely important organ in a human body. It is located on the right side of the abdomen, just under the rib cage. The liver plays a great role in the process of food digestion, and also assists the body to get rid of various toxic elements. In addition to acting as a filter for the blood, the liver is also responsible for producing various important hormones, storing energy, as well as building compounds that allow the gut to smoothly digest food.

Here is more on the important functions of the liver:

· Production of diverse vital proteins for blood plasma

· Production of bile that helps in carrying away waste, as well as breaking down of fats in the small intestine during the digestion process

· Production of special proteins and cholesterol that assists in carrying fats through the body

· Conversion of any excess glucose into glycogen for storage

· Regulating blood clotting

· Regulation of the blood levels of amino acids that are known to form building blocks of proteins

· Processing of hemoglobin for using its iron content

· Conversion of the toxic ammonia to urea

· Cleansing the blood of various toxic and poisonous substances, including drugs

· Removing bacteria from the bloodstream and making immune factors in order to resist infections

Due to the plethora of important functions conducted by the liver, it is important that people consult the best liver specialist , in case they face any problems related to this organ. Ensuring the good health of the liver is crucial for the overall wellbeing of a person, and any damage suffered by this organ can adversely influence one’s health. Diseases related to the liver can either be genetic, or can be caused due to a host of external factors, including viruses and excessive alcohol consumption. Obesity is a key health condition that might lead to liver damage as well. Over a period of time, damages suffered by the liver may lead to cirrhosis or severe scarring in the organ. High abdominal pain, irritability of the skin, skin itching, dark-colored urine and swelling of the abdomen are some of the common symptoms of liver damage.

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