Places to Visit in Pushkar


Pushkar is one of the most recognised pilgrimage spots in India. The city is famous for the Pushkar Lake and Brahma Temple. These two remain the must visit places in Pushkar. The city has inherited the mythological history and the architecture of the temples that you find here. Apart from the Pushkar Lake and Brahma Temple, here are a couple of other places to visit in Pushkar:

Savitri Temple

Located on a high hill behind the Brahma Temple, is the Savitri Temple, with staircases leading you up to the temple. The location of the temple provides panoramic views of the hills, temples, and the sand dunes. As per a legend, Lord Brahma had a second marriage to Gayatri. This angered Brahma’s first wife, Savitri, who cursed him. As result of the curse, there is only one temple of Brahma in the world, at Pushkar. The Savitri temple also has a “Rope-Way” facility.

Rang Ji Temple

Rang Ji is a temple made in the South Indian architectural style, with a little influence of Rajput and Mughal styles. Lord Rang Ji is considered to be an incarnation of Lord Vishnu and the temple attracts thousands of pilgrims and tourist every year. The old Rang Jang Ji temple, also known as the Shrirangnath Venugopal Temple, which is built in the old Dravidian style, is a main attraction in the area.

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