The Best Accessories You Need in Your Car!

car accessories

What accessories do you need to have in your car? Who, during your journeys, simplify your life? Those who avoid your trouble? Or those who offer you extra comfort? And among all these car accessories, which ones are really indispensable? We went fishing for information and news, and you were selected a handful of products that could make your driving times much more enjoyable!

The best accessories for your car

It is the moment of the great summer starts and sometimes, the road is long, very long! Often when driving, we realize that we miss a package of accessories in our car. So some are essential and it would be almost unconscious to drive to be equipped, others are useful and make driving more enjoyable, others are optional and participate more in the comfort of the driver, without being really necessary. Then, there are clever gadgets, which are useful, smart and practical at the same time!

Anyway, anyway, do not hesitate to equip car accessories, they simplify our lives, can save us trouble, and sometimes they make the journey of passengers more comfortable! You want to equip your car with best accessories visit here Automobiles & Motorcyles.

Protect your car accessories

Considered as part of your vehicle, only the original equipment or series listed in the manufacturer’s catalogue are automatically covered in case of damage by your car insurance.

You must take out an additional guarantee in your car insurance policy to protect your other accessories. Certain optional guarantees of the Groupama Conduire contract cover, for example, your accessories if they are accidentally damaged or stolen: car radio, roof box, luggage, smartphones, GPS, computers and their peripherals.

On the reimbursement side, you can be compensated for the value of your accessories declared at the time of the incident. If they are not new, an expert can be mandated by your insurer. It will then apply a coefficient of obsolescence according to their presumed wear. Make sure, however, that the amount of your allowance is higher than your deductible!

Useful accessories

Those, they are not essential, but frankly, it is not far at all! Indeed, they are both useful, practical, and offer the driver more comfort!

USB adapter / cigarette lighter

Reload your phone or any other electronic device directly into your car? It’s possible, but you already knew it! Anyway, it’s really convenient, and it can serve you regularly, even daily.

With the adapter that plugs directly into the cigarette lighter of your vehicle, enjoy one or two USB ports to support your smartphone during your travel time.

The phone holder and / or the magnetic holder

Practical if you use your smartphone as GPS or if you follow the road traffic while travelling via an application, the phone holder keeps the latter hooked to the windshield. First, it’s handy, it saves you from taking the device in hand every time you want to check your route, change music or other! Second, it’s safe. The mobile fixed near the windshield can be checked at a glance, which does not disturb the concentration of the driver for too long!

This phone holder is attached to the windshield with a suction cup, then simply put his phone on the adjustable base. Your laptop is supported and well seen!

The car trash

Ecologists will say that it is the best accessory of our selection! Often, when you’re driving, you end up with a ticket, paper or packaging in your hands and you do not know what to do with it. To throw it out? Oh no it’s not done! Leave him in his car? Rah, it’s annoying! For that, there is the car trash. Small, practical, it will allow you to avoid dirtying your vehicle, or pollute the outside!

The clever

The clever car accessories, they are intended for small clever! Anticipate traffic jams, police checks, mobile speed cameras and even road accidents – it’s possible! A nice way to avoid trouble with the police. Of course, we do not encourage you to use it to “cheat”, we simply offer tools that can help you avoid being verbalised for small misbehaviour! These accessories can also save you time.

The Coyote, he can be your best friend behind the wheel! It announces you the road checks, the radars, the accidents of the road or the traffic jams! In short, it supports you during your journeys and allows you to ride serenely, and save time!

So yes, it is an accessory that costs a little money, but for someone who rolls a lot, it is very quickly profitable! With him, adapt you’re driving according to the events that take place on the road, and avoid the trouble!

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