The Kheerganga Trek | A historical and Most Popular Destination

Kheerganga Trek

Kheerganga is in the Himachal Pradesh of Parvati valley at a rise of 3050m. The trek to kheerganga will offer you a superb perspective on nature. This trek is the ideal combo of magnificence with relaxation. Kheerganga trek will offer you the chance to learn and investigate by meeting new individuals encountering their way of life.

On the off chance that this is the first occasion when you are doing trekking, at that point you have settled on the correct choice kheerganga trek is only the ideal decision.

The story behind the name kheerganga

It is accepted that in kalyug the child of ruler shiva and Parvati; Kartika pick kheerganga for contemplation and supplication so when shiva and goddess Parvati visited she chose to get ready kheer, there was a boiling water spring in which Parvati cooked kheer. In any case, later Parshotam changed over the stream back to waters since they realized that individuals of satyug would battle for it from that point onwards it is accepted that the water of the Parvati valley is unadulterated and fix any sort of skin infirmity.

Gurunanak visited kheerganga

At the hour of udasi the master Nanak Singh dropped by one of his follower Bhai mardana, during one visit bhai mardana, was eager so he purchased atta from the langar, yet there was no fire so master Nanak Ji said to mardana to expel the mammoth stone and this is the place the underground aquifer emerge.

Level of kheerganga

Kheerganga is anything but difficult to direct trek on the height of 2690m the separation secured is 12kms.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit is April-October. It’s absolutely up to you wherein season you need to go there will be unwinding regardless of the period.

The most effective method to reach kheerganga trek

By street, you can drive your own vehicle from Delhi to Kasol. It is a 12hrs excursion covering the separation of 565kms. Or on the other hand, you can reach by transport from Delhi to bhuntar. What’s more, when you reach bhuntar change take the transport to manikaran and reach kasol.

By rail-the closest railroad station is Joginder rail line station a while later, you can take a taxi to kasol.

Via aviation routes, the closest air terminal to kasol is in the bhuntar. despite the fact that the carriers to bhuntar are restricted so you need to check previously.

Trek data

When you came to kasol going through the excellent landscape. You will discover a lot of outsiders and explorers at the spot siphoned up with the delight and fervor for the trek.

You can begin the trek from the following day of your appearance in the early morning towards barshaini. This is the ideal time to move upwards.

There are 3 courses from where you can reach kheerganga, pick the course as indicated by your comfort.

Nakhthan course: this is the most preferred course which will just take 4hrs to reach kheerganga . to come to the nakhthan course first you need to come to the barshaini scaffold and afterward take left to go for nakhthan route.which will lead you to one side of Parvati waterway. This is the exceptional voyage course and all around checked.


Kalga course: from the barshaini connect take right and start your trek towards kalga. You will be going through the thick lavish green timberland. You will be great due to the outside air and alleviation that will encompass you.


Tosh course: this course will additionally converge with the nakhthan course. the tosh stream streams from the tosh town which joins the Parvati waterway further.

tosh trek

In the method for your path, you will discover bunches of apple plantations and bistros to revive and refuel you. the one thing that makes the spot unique in relation to others is the individuals, their way of life, custom. So you can investigate the nearby life and connect with regions. You will find a workable pace part of things about the spot.

After rudrang you will over this Dhaba where you can fulfill your stomach with some scrumptious nourishment . In your manner, you will be seeing a lot of water streams and cottages encompassed by the beautiful nature. After you reach kheerganga it is possible that you can do outdoors or back to barshaini around the same time. I would prescribe camp under the twinkling sky, in the middle of mountains and encompassed by excellent plants and trees and appreciate the minute without limit.

Things to convey

  • Convey comfortable garments
  • 2-3 sets of warm socks
  • Trekking shoes of good quality
  • Sunscreen, shades, cap/top
  • Fundamental toiletries
  • All the important medications
  • Trekking instruments
  • Charger, power bank, additional battery.
  • Travel to comprehend the language of nature.
  • Live love investigates find!!

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