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PCs are used everywhere, either its house, office or any working place. Businesses use it to maintain their data and keep a record of data. People use it home to work on the internet or for kids’ assignments. Besides its benefits, some people also get involved in harmful activities. Kids start watching inappropriate content-based videos or visiting sexual content-based sites or someone threatens them or sometimes kids start bullying friends online, which is harmful to their mental and physical health as well. Similarly, employees also start visiting useless sites and waste their working hours.

To solve this issue, spy software provides advanced featured software which empowers the users to spy on their loved ones or employees. TheOneSpy is the best software among others, which gives real-time access to the user for any windows monitoring.

TheOneSpy Window Spy Software

TheOneSpy Windows spy software alerts the user about upcoming danger, so the user can take action before it harms their people. It’s an outstanding package of solutions that empowers the users to spy on every single activity of the targeted person. TOS works with 100% accuracy and provides reliable information so the user can react confidently.

Besides that, TOS is the first choice of many people because of its unique services, as it gives a value to their customers. It provides 24/7 customer support services to answer the people queries. Their expert technicians also help the users in the installation process. TOS windows spy also empowers the user to put mighty alarms. It also provides offline activities on a user cloud account. User can get history detail any time with activity exact date and time.

Let’s look at TOS windows spy software advanced features and their benefits.

Features of TOS Windows spy software

TOS offers 250 plus advanced features of spying. Every feature performs specific functions. Here, we will discuss important features that help a user protect their people.

  • Surrounding Recorder

It empowers the users to record the surrounding of their targeted person, so a user could listen to all conversations, gossip and whispering as well.

  • Windows Keylogger

It allows the user to spy on every typed key on the targeted window system. Users can detect secret usernames, passwords and many other secret things.

  • Multimedia Viewer

It allows the users to get access to the targeted window’s gallery, so the user can watch all captured and other saved photos, videos, and audios as well.

  • Screen Recorder

It enables the user to record the screen of the targeted window, so the user can monitor what are their targeted person interests and which thing is bad for them, etc.

  • E-mail Tracker

User can monitor all incoming and outgoing mails on targeted windows.

  • Installed Apps Viewer

A user can also monitor all installed apps in a targeted PC.

  • Screenshot Taker

If the user sees any inappropriate activity by a targeted person, so the user can take a screenshot instantly by a single click.


TheOneSpy Windows spy supports all Windows versions like Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 as well. And works smoothly with all models like HP, LG, Sony, Dell, and Samsung, etc.

Prices of TOS Windows spy software

These days, TOS is offering up to 50% off on all packages.

Pricing after discount

  • TOS Windows spy software 1-month package price is $40.
  • TOS Windows spy software 3-month package price is $60.
  • TOS Windows spy software 6-month package price is $80.
  • TOS Windows spy software 12-month package price is $110.

How to install TheOneSpy Windows spy software in the systems?

TOS offers a simple way and a short process of getting a subscription. The user only needs to visit the site and select suitable packages. Then, ask TOS for subscriptions. After getting subscribed, read TOS mail carefully and by following the instructions, install TOS windows spy into targeted PC. Now the user has to activate software from their user cloud account. TOS will start working instantly. Now, a user can monitor the targeted window from anywhere.

Final Thought

It turns out that TheOneSpy windows spy software is a unique and advance featured spy software that allows users to start any windows monitoring and get real-time reliable information. It provides information on time and empowers the user to take action confidently. In the future, TOS will come up with more innovative features to more confidently.

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