Top places to visit when you are in Mount Abu

Mount abu- Live generals

Situated at a height of 1220 metres from sea level, among the Aravalli mountain ranges, Mount Abu is the only hill station in the hot, yet grand state of Rajasthan. Every year, Mount Abu draws a lot of tourists from far and near, not only as a retreat from the heat, but also to revel in the many exciting things that it has to offer.

Architectural wonders

Mount Abu is home to one of the most elegant and highly significant Jain temples in the country, the Dilwara Jain temples. Specimens of phenomenal designing in radiant marble stones, the Dilwara Jain temples are believed to have been built in between the 11th and 13th century AD.

For history and mystery

The Achalgarh Fort is another one among the top places to see in Mount Abu. Located around 11 kilometres north of the city, the Achalgarh Fort is believed to have been constructed by the Paramara Dynasty. In 1452 C.E., the fort was renovated and renamed by Maharana Kumbha.

The popular Achaleshwar Mahadev temple is located right outside the fort.

For mesmerizing sights

Nature lovers can find quite a lot of places to see in Mount Abu, right from Guru Shikhar, Sunset Point, and Nakki Lake to the famous Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary. Toad Rock and Honeymoon Point are a few other places in the city that also offer good sightseeing.

Rajasthan Tourism is the government’s official website offering all small to big details about things to do and places to visit, not just in Mount Abu, but anywhere in Rajasthan. The website is an official portal managed by the State Government of Rajasthan. Tourists can even refer to the website for help with planning their trip.

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