Types of Logo Design—Choosing the Best for Your Business

logo design

A logo design is the first face of your business. It creates instant recognition for the brand and establishes your credibility as a leading service provider and helps you make a unique impression in the market place.

To make a successful design, you need to consider different elements such as colors, fonts and shapes which can give your design a unique look, but choosing the type of logo for your brand can be difficult. If you are diving in to designing a unique look for your business, you must understand where to begin.

There are five different types of designs which you can choose for your business. There are many designing tools which you can use to design such as Canva, design mantic, custom logo design Australia and more to design a creative look for your brand but before that let’s discuss them in detail to make sure you choose the right one for your business.


Pure sophistication and class are the two words which can define the design. Wordmark logos are commonly used by companies having small names. Not containing any symbols or illustrations, typography becomes the center of attention in the design. Think of some famous examples such as Coca-Cola, FedEx, the New York Times and more which use wordmark logos creating a visual landmark in the market. Wordmarks can easily be applied at different platforms and boost name recognition by simple and clean design.

Letter marks

Using initials of the brand name to create a unique brand identity for the company is a creative way to catch the eye of the audience. If you are a new business, you must consider putting your brand’s name under the logo to build brand recognition. As letter marks or monograms rely on texts only, you need to focus on choosing the right typeface. Think of some big names in the market such as HBO, IBM and more which use letter marks as there logo design.

Combination mark

The fusion of letter marks or wordmark with a symbol is what create a combination mark. It is a common type of logo because it is flexible and can be used as a symbol or a wordmark as per the requirement. A combination mark is a design used by most businesses to develop brand recognition. Think of companies such as Adidas, Pepsi and more who use combination mark as the face of their company.

Brandmark logos

An image or a symbol representing the business is known as a brand mark logo design. Think of big names such as Apple, or Audi who stand alone in the market. It can be a big risk for startups as they require to build brand recognition. The image used as a representation of your brand must be able to represent the essence of the business.

Emblem logos

One of the oldest forms of designs, emblem logos are symbols, often in circular shape containing curved text and an image or symbol with a conventional flair. It ties the brand with its story. Take the example of Starbucks. Emblem designs are great at communicating the message of the company, but they are not scalable, especially when it comes to using it online.


You must remember that your logo design is used in both forms—i.e. in print and online. This is why it needs to be scalable and less cluttered to deliver the right message to the audience. Most businesses make use of monograms or combination marks as they are more versatile and simple. However, no matter the design you choose to work with, make sure that it leaves an impression on your audience. Make it unique and classy to add a competitive touch in the market.

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