What makes an apartment luxurious or exclusive?

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The changing market scenarios in the country happen to be a major reason behind the growing demand for properties in India. That being said, the premium segment of residential real estate seem to be earning a lot of attention and not just from affluent Indian homebuyers but also high net worth investors who are NRIs.

But what are the factors that go on to make a property premium-class and so sought-after? Let’s find out: –

Presence of first-class technologies

A feature that clearly sets apart luxury apartments in Noida and other big cities from other standard apartment types is the presence of cutting-edge technologies. Luxury real estate projects are generally built around the central idea of enhancing automation for improving the sense of comfort in living. These apartments are created using energy-conserving electrical solutions and appliances, smart utilities for spaces like bathrooms and kitchens, and so on.

Excellent quality of construction

Various luxurious residential properties in Greater Noida, Gurgaon and around have been constructed by real estate builders that are recognized throughout the nation. The use of superior quality raw materials coupled with efficient planning and designing for the purpose of delivering excellence in every project, is what makes such developers stand out. Impeccable architectural makeovers, design rebuilds and improvement services are a few other services that help amp up the overall quality of the project.

Spacious development

Ample room within a living space is vital for comfort and luxury. The availability of adequate space to properly fit in belongings without making the area appear cramped helps improve the aesthetics of a residential property. Features such as multiple bedrooms, big-sized bathrooms, modern kitchen area, spacious balconies and galleries therefore, are standard across all luxurious apartments.


Central and convenient location

Another significant factor that is standard to luxurious living spaces is the prime location. Most luxurious apartments are developed in posh areas of a city. Away from the bustling lanes of the city, these areas are serene and exclusive, presenting a promise of peace and privacy to all the homebuyers.

These locations also benefit from sound connectivity to other parts of the city and outside.


Exclusivity and Innovation

Most luxury residential properties in Greater Noida and other parts of the NCR maintain utmost sophistication in terms of architecture, designing and amenities. Features such as these not only improve the aesthetics of the property but also enhance the sense of comfort and convenience for the residents.

Trendy facilities  

Luxurious living is also defined by the presence of exceptional amenities. Among such exclusive features fall a host of things, including swimming pools, club houses, gymnasiums, tennis or badminton courts, and dedicated play areas for children.

Additional features such as vast green spaces or gardens and lawns add further vivacity to premium-class residential real estate projects.

Top class security measures

Safety and security of the residents and their possessions is also something that is well taken care of in luxury residential projects. A host of features are put in place to ensure that residents live their life in comfort and peace. Developers make use of advanced hi-tech security features like high-quality surveillance cameras, fire safety tools and control and automation systems for round-the-clock security. Professional guards are also stationed at all the entrances/exits of the property to take note of anyone and everyone entering and leaving the compound.

There are wide varieties of residential real estate properties being developed in India. However, it is the presence of features such as the above that help distinguish luxury residential properties from others.

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